Glass accessories are essential to any glass enthusiast. We carry accessories to protect, clean and accompany your glass. Diffused downstems are a great way to upgrade your piece without spending all the money to obtain a new piece. Drop downs and adapters allow you to fit different sized bowls or nails to your piece that otherwise would not fit. We also carry glass cleaner agents designed to bring your piece back to its original condition without using any harsh chemicals or anything that would be harmful, if residue was left over. Ash catchers are a great way to add another level of diffusion to your piece to yield a smoother hit and help keep your piece clean. Protect your glass with a variety of different protection cases or bong bags we carry to ensure your glass is safe during your travels. We carry a vast majority of slides or better known as “bowls” to add another level of artistry to your piece or to replace a mishap with the slide.

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