Dab Rigs

If dabbing has become a new favorite of your THC filled life than dab rigs are the pieces you require.  At Ziggy’s, we offer a wide variety of the finest dab rigs in multiple sizes and price points to ensure you leave with a piece that fits your smoking needs. We contain mini and micro pendant style dab rigs from artists like….. which gives a funky and interesting look with the ease of mobility.  If your into something stronger and sizable to enjoy those tasty dabs with, Ziggy’s Smoke Shop carries state of the art crafted Scientific and Heady Wax Rigs from well-known artists such as…… As for the heavy-duty big boy rigs which feature percolations like Cirq, multi-arm and tree styles percs are available from artists like…… If your spending most of your money on the THC and are known for being little bit careless we offer a wide selection of acrylic and silicone bongs that will still complete your dabbing experience. Make sure after you purchased your new amazing rig to shop our selection of dab utensils, quartz bangers, and titanium concentrate nails to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy a nice evening of Netflix and dabbing.

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