Dab Utensils

Ziggy’s has a variety of Dab Utensils, and serve as a core equipment pieces to Dab Rigs. Dabbers are used to gather your favorite concentrates into something we like to call a “dab”. Once collected you use your Dabber utensil to put on your hot nail to be melted and than inhaled. We carry an abundance of styles from Titanium to Glass dabbers and accessories from trusted artists. Our store offers both Quartz Bangers and Titanium dab nails, and certain styles can be electronic (e-nail) compatible. Carb Caps assist in “low temp” dabbing, and help to make sure none of that tasty wax vapor is gone to waist. We also carry Vapor accessories of all sorts if your more into that old school approach. If your looking to expand your dab utensil collection or are just starting to dab our selection is ten to none.

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