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Pendants are a more recent trend within the glass community. Many artists have devoted their time to creating pendants that can attach to a necklace to be worn or simply compliment your piece while sitting next to it. When worn around a necklace these pieces act as jewelry that reflect an artists certain style or design. These pendants often display expression of an artists inspiration such as scenes of a galaxy from Jolex glass or the very popular raptor claw from Elbo glass. With implosions, millies, wig wag, opals, and sculptures there are many different styles and designs to choose from.

Pendants can also act as functioning pieces that you can wear around your neck. These functional pendants are practical to those who don’t want to constantly worry if their rig is safe at a social event or while out on an adventure. Many glass enthusiasts collect functional pendants because they express the artists impressions while being both functional and attachable to a necklace.

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