When your looking for an easy affordable way to smoke weed, pipes are the way to go. Pipes come in all shapes and sizes making the options endless. Most pipes are made to fit in those tiny places in your car or even your pocket making them great for taking on the road. Pipes are usually designed with a spoon shape bowl with a tiny hole making it easier to hold your weed and create a easy filtration when taking a hit. Regular dry pipes have a carb hole on the side and straight handle for easy accessibility; Steamrollers are like dry pipes, except their carb hole is featured on the pipe’s other end. Sherlocks are very much like your standard dry pipe but offer a fun look that resembles everyone’s favorite detective. At Ziggy’s we offer an abundance of pipes that will meet your smoking preferences. Any type of pipe your stoner heart desires we have it here so come check out our wide selection and fall in love with the amazing designs of our armory of pipes!

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