Heady Glass

Heady glass is a very artistic form of glass made by artists who use complex methods for designing unique and intricate glass pipes. The colors and physical designs immediately stand out on heady glass, and they are eye catching in their beauty. Heady glass is never confused with other types of glass because of its unique appearance. Heady glass is so unique and made in such limited quantities, that owners of a heady glass piece take pride in their purchases and usually make significant financial investments to own these limited edition pieces. Some characteristics of heady glass include: High end glass with intense colors and designs, Made in very limited quantities therefore highly collectable and coveted, Uses advanced glassblowing techniques, Usually very unique and/or individualized. Ziggys is proud to offer some of the most unique heady glass pieces in the world!! Artists come to our shop to display their unique heady glass pieces, and fans from as far as japan, seek our services to own these unique pieces of art.