Mini Tube

Mini tubes are a small proportioned oil rig much like the banger hanger style except they are strictly formed in a tubular shape. Often representing a traditional beaker shaped piece, these pieces are ideal for use with concentrates because they don’t allow the vapor to expand much, improving the flavor. Generally, 9” or shorter, mini tubes are great to travel with and provide excellent function while adding an element of discreteness to the piece. Despite being small in size mini tubes are able to generate maximum percolation without having it splash past the mouthpiece. Mini tubes can be found with either a removable or non-removable down stem and can feature a male or female joint.  All of our mini tubes are compatible with a variety of titanium or quartz nails to suit your needs. We provide mini tubes from the most pristine glass artists on the scene, so come check out what we have in store for you.

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