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Grinders are the most common way to break down cannabis to create a consistent blend, which creates more of an even burn when smoked. There are many different forms of grinders but generally they contain two chambers; the first is to break down the cannabis and collect it and the second is to collect any trichomes or “kief” that falls off the cannabis. Grinders are ideal for use in a joint or any other form of a “rolled” product. High quality grinders are usually made out of either titanium or aluminum and feature sharp, diamond shaped teeth to effortlessly break down your cannabis. Grinders are generally cylindrical in shape to create an even space between the cannabis matter being broken down and contributes to the consistent blend yielded. Cheaper grinders tend to be acrylic and are generally a poor choice because they can break apart and may leave traces of plastic in your cannabis. Metal or alloy grinders are much more durable than plastic grinders and are less susceptible to breaking when dropped or abused. We carry many different high quality grinders to improve your smoking experience.

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